Why the name?

It’s cheeky. It’s fun. It’s sarcasm laced with an effervescent hope. It’s basically how I feel on the daily. Somewhere between extreme gratitude and sadness that’s a product of 2020 and living on social media since I was 16. The name is an ode to accepting the difficult parts of myself. It’s also an ode to recognizing that my sensitivity, my hopes, my dreams help shape my world. So here’s to accepting the good and the bad. Sometimes there’s just No Fun Place to Be.

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Slow and Steady

I won’t be flooding your inbox every week. I’d like to keep this fun, so I’m making myself write at MOST once a month to start. Give it a read when you can.

P.S. Reading some of my favorite people’s Substacks encouraged me to write my own. Hoping this note encourages the next person to build their own little corner on the internet. Visit Substack.com to start your own.

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Eryn Danielle

Chronically dissatisfied with society and the status quo. Movement artist and creative strategist building digital ecosystems. Based in New York.